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The Technomancer screenshots reveal Mars’ disgusting wildlife

The Technomancer

The Technomancer, developer Spiders’ upcoming Martian-set RPG, is going big on bugs. Rather than just frying human enemies with your Technomancer’s special powers, you’ll also be going up against a variety of besties that are certainly a bit more than sci-fi orcs. Take a look at Martian uglies in these new screens.

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Mars’ wildlife are a combination of genetic experiments, mutations and evolution. Mars was originally barren, but human colonists brought earth creatures with them to aid in the creation of an ecosystem. That system soon barrelled out of control, and resulted in these vicious nasties that will no doubt be causing you a few problems during the game. 

The Technomancer

The Technomancer

The Technomancer

The Technomancer releases early 2016, and follows Spiders’ previous martian RPG Mars: War Logs. Don’t get them confused though: The Technomancer is a new beast. 

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neo606 avatarAnAuldWolf avatar
neo606 Avatar
2 Years ago

That is some horrible scaling of those pics, can you fix plz?

AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

Those are some very alien bugs not necessarily informed by anyone who knows anything about athropods, eh? Is this why so many have an irrational fear of insects? Similar to how watching too many Hollywood films gave Musk and Hawking a strikingly unintelligent, uneducated view of artificial intelligence?

It's a sad old world when even our geniuses are more informed by being couch potatoes in front of televisions these days than by actually properly informing themselves on various topics. Entertainment doesn't help though by fuelling xenophobia. I'm always of two minds about that, as an intellectually charged individual (by which I mean I'm curious, not necessarily that I'm particularly smart as I don't feel that's the case).

Sure, it's great for people who like to shoot at bugs and things (and as someone who plays video games I'd be the worst kind of hypocrite to begrudge anyone that), but you know there's at least a billion people out there who'll end up believing that this is what insects actually look like up close. Suffice it to say? Not nearly.

They're oh so much more visually interesting than that. If those reading this could get past their fears to actually look at some up close, that is. And there's some truly amazing photography to find if you look.

Anyway, I know this because people take their perceptions of wolves and sharks from video games, too. I don't actually know if you'd believe some of the conversations I've had online, and the hilarious misconceptions I've had to gently guide otherwise clever people away from.

Which is why, to this day, I'd prefer a game from the perspective of a thinking insect. Like the Thri-kreen! Or maybe I'm just a fringe, outlying chitin fag. Who knows?

It's probably not important, really.