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How to fight back as a victim in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

A victim can stand a chance against a TCM family member if you know what you’re doing, so this Texas Chain Saw Massacre guide breaks down what your options are.

Can victims fight back in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre? The TCM game is finally upon us and players have the chance to play as both the hunter and the hunted. While you’re free to pick whether you want to play as a member of the family or as a victim, understanding the capabilities of both teams is important to finding yourself victorious.

After spending countless hours in the horror game, we’ve broken down exactly what Texas Chain Saw Massacre victims will need to do to be able to actually fight back against the family, regardless of how hopeless the situation might be. While you won’t find guns or powerful weapons while fighting for your life, you should be able to get out of one of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre exits alive with these tips to fighting back.

Victim abilities in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

By default, most of the victims in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre can’t do much to their attackers. Fortunately, Leland is the strongest and toughest victim in the game. He has a little something extra that can massively even the odds regardless of which family member he finds himself up against.

Leland’s special ability is a tackle that sends him shoulder-first into whichever grotesque deviant he finds on his tail. A successful tackle will knock a family member to the ground and leave them unable to stand up for a few seconds, giving Leland and the others a chance to make a run for it. Granted, this ability doesn’t recharge particularly quickly, but it can easily make the difference between life and death when the time is right. This makes playing him somewhat safer than the others, aside from the fact that he isn’t as good at stealth.

While sneaking through The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s hellish locations, you might find piles of bones. Yes, they’re probably human. Yes, that’s really creepy. You can interact with these bone piles if you get close to them. Much like acquiring an unlock tool from a box, you need to successfully fill the meter to grab a bone scrap. If you rush it, you’ll make noise and give away your location, but if you’re patient you should be able to grab it without alerting anyone.

Bone piles in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Much like boxes, bone piles don’t run out and can be used as many times as you like, so feel free to put one in each of your inventory slots to gain two self-defense options. Alternatively, you can sneak up on a family member and shank them in the back. Much like getting knocked to the ground by Leland, this attack stuns the family member, giving you time to make a quick getaway.

The other option is to use the bone scrap on them from the front. This initiates a struggle requiring properly timed button presses. If successful, the family member can be stunned. If not? Well, you’ll probably end up back on Leatherface’s meat hook. Additionally, the bone scraps can be used to cut down noise traps or lamps to make things tougher on pursuers. Don’t forget, these items can only be used once.

With this in mind, you should find it much easier to fight back as a victim in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. While you’re still new to the game, check out our TCM beginner’s tips to help you in either the killer’s of victim’s shoes, and give our Texas Chain Saw Massacre review a read to find out our thoughts on the game.