The Trail: Frontier Challenge rambles onto PC

The Trail comes to PC

22Cans has an appalling track record thanks to its trilogy of stinkers: Curiosity, Godus, and Godus Wars. But Peter Molyneux’s studio is also responsible for The Trail, a relaxing mobile game where you saunter across the wilderness before settling down and building a new home in a frontier town. Now it’s out on PC with a few changes for the desktop crowd. 

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The Trail is split into two parts. Players can strike out on linear journeys through forests and mountains, taking in the sights while embarking on a spot of crafting and trading with other players met on the road. Then there’s Eden Falls, where you’ll be able to build a home, get a pet, spruce up the town, and work with other players to expand the town.

The PC version generally follows the same formula, but with some tweaks. “The gameplay has been developed to be far more strategic; for example, players will now have to balance what they carry in their packs against how fast and far they can travel,” Molyneux explains. “Bigger items are heavier and slow you down; smaller items are lighter so you can travel faster.”

The Trail is out now on Steam and you can pick it up for £9.89/$13.49 with the 10% launch week discount.