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Here’s when each episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season releases

Telltale has provided a full release date schedule for every episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season

The first episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season launched just yesterday, and that means it’s time for an interminable release schedule to keep us waiting until the second part is ready. At least, that’s what it would’ve meant in the past, but Telltale has gone and offered a full release schedule breaking down exactly when each episode is set to launch.

Following the August 14 launch of Done Running, we’ll have the second episode – Suffer the Children – on September 25. Then comes the third part, Broken Toys, on November 6. Finally, we have end of the series, called Take Us Back, on December 18.

This is the first time Telltale has provided a full episodic release schedule in ages, and it’s certainly a welcome announcement. The space between episodes in some recent seasons could drag on for months without clear news, so seeing a set of dates coming at six week-intervals is definitely a welcome change. (Though be warned there’s still a “dates subject to change” warning.)

Long-time fans might note that the final episode’s title, Take Us Back, is also the song used in the closing credits of the first season. If you’ve been on board this long, prepare for the emotional punch to hit hard.

Telltale’s got a new CEO, and things are changing for the company following an unfortunate series of layoffs. This season of The Walking Dead will mark the end for the company’s aging engine as the studio switches to Unity, and based on today’s announcement it seems a new pipeline’s already in place to ensure episodes get delivered regularly once a series is ready to launch.

In our The Walking Dead: Final Season review round-up, you can see the response so far. It’s been largely positive, though there are a handful of more middling reviews. We’ll see how the remainder of the season shakes out over the rest of the year.