New purchases of The Walking Dead: The Final Season will be Epic store exclusive

Unless you've already bought it, The Walking Dead: The Final Season will only be on the Epic store

The Walking Dead: The Final Season is finally set to wrap up next year, and if you haven’t bought it yet you’ll only be able to pick the season up through the Epic Games Store. If have already bought it, you will get access to the two new episodes on your original platform as they’re released. The launch of Episode 3 is set for January 15 regardless of where you’re playing.

The Final Season is being built at Skybound Games, and that team includes “around 40” members originally from Telltale. Sadly, the studio says it hasn’t picked up the rights to any other Telltale favourites like Batman or The Wolf Among Us. Clementine voice actor Melissa Hutchison runs down several similar nuts and bolts questions in a video FAQ.

Skybound says that the Epic store is the company’s partner for “exclusive future PC downloads.” There’s no specific mention of other Telltale Walking Dead titles, which were delisted from Steam and other stores some time ago. If you’ve missed out on any of those, it’s looking likely that you’ll need to head to Epic to get caught up.

The Walking Dead joins other Epic store exclusives including Hades, Ashen, and a long-awaited PC port of Journey.

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Telltale’s shutdown came suddenly, and was reportedly as much a surprise to employees as it was to fans. It’s good to see a chunk of the affected developers able to transition into development at Skybound, but that’s only a small portion of the 250 employees affected by the studio closure.