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We could’ve seen The Witcher 3.5, but CD Projekt Red is “not a games factory”

CD Projeky doesn't want to crank out half-measure sequels

There are plenty of stories left to tell in the Witcher universe, but we aren’t going to see many of them in videogame form for the foreseeable future. While the Witcher 3 provides a base that could create a fast turnaround for the Witcher 4, CD Projekt Red isn’t interested in churning out a pile of sequels. As founder Marcin Iwinski says, “We are not a games factory. We treat games as an art.”

Iwinski said during an E3 Coliseum stream (via Gamespot) that “We want to push the bar higher with every single game release. It’s not about getting The Witcher 3.5 out there which would be fairly easy – of course it’s very difficult. Using the same engine, telling the same stories; the technology is established. And making a quick dollar. But that’s not [what we do].”

He also says that CD Projekt had planned to have two main development teams working on different projects after the Witcher 3, so they could turn big games around faster. That ended up not happening, and the entire Witcher 3 team was moved onto Cyberpunk 2077 when those plans fell through.

Whether that affects the other new RPG CD Projekt has in development remains to be seen.

You can hear Iwinski’s comments in the full video above.

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For now, all attention is on the Cyberpunk 2077 release date, including CD Projekt’s own. We’ll be waiting to see what comes after for some time.