Nvidia are giving away The Witcher 3 to anyone with a Titan X graphics card

Nvidia Witcher 3 deal

Got a GeForce GTX Titan X graphics card? Yes? Well did you know you also own The Witcher 3, too? Well, almost. Nvidia are giving away the game to anyone who powers their PC with that beast of a GPU, and all you have to do is beta test a little bit of software Nvidia have made. 

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The new software is part of the Geforce Experience client that is installed when you have an Nvidia GPU. Nvida have added a new section to Experience that delivers game codes to users. Clearly they’ve got their eye on digital distribution in some form of another.

So you’ve got a Titan X, now what? Just follow these instructions. You’ll need to update Geforce Experience to the latest version to get into the beta section, and update your GPU drivers. Then you can select the ‘reward’ icon from the top tab, and grab your code for The Witcher 3!

The code is redeemable on GOG.com, so you’ll need an account there too.

I imagine there’s not many with the power of a Nvidia Titan X that haven’t already grabbed The Witcher 3 to test their rig’s graphical grunt, but if you don’t have the game yet then this is a pretty swish offer. Run forth and grab!