The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone's launch trailer is pretty grisly | PCGamesN

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone's launch trailer is pretty grisly

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone launch trailer

Geralt of Rivia, Gwent champion and monster slayer, is probably not a fan of rest and relaxation, which is why he’s got another adventure in him. Hearts of Stone, The Witcher 3’s first expansion is due out very, very soon. So why not watch the launch trailer while you wait?

If you've not checked out the base game, get on it. The Witcher 3 is one of the best PC RPGs for a reason

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Ghosts, the curse of immortality, a heist -- lots to look forward to, then. CD Projekt Red says we can expect 10 hours of new adventures, another choice-driven quest and, of course, a new “romance” option.

It all looks quite spiffy, and the trailer’s got me all a tingle at the thought of another romp around the countryside with old Geralt. It’s also an excellent excuse for me to play through all the free DLC that I missed by finishing the game in the first week. 

Also, that head trick… crikey. 

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Anakhoresis avatarAnAuldWolf avatar
Anakhoresis Avatar
2 Years ago

I still haven't played any of the Witcher games (well, the first for about an hour), and I own the first two, but I have to say, that trailer was more interesting than all the other ones.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

Sooo... Based on this, I decided to give it a little gander. I admit, the story -- as a story -- is an intriguing prospect. I'm a fan of fantasy vault breaking (as it's certainly a more interesting thing than what most people do with fantasy), but seeing the gameplay? Well, I couldn't be more turned off. And that's a shame.

Honestly, I could've gone for a fantasy heist tale. A bit of vault penetration. I'd be down with that. And then the gameplay happens, along with the Witcher aesthetic, and I'm sad once again.

I think I just don't have enough testosterone to appreciate this?? My testosterone levels are borderline anyway so that's probably what it is, but I end up pulling The Awkward Zombie Samus face at just how tasteless it is. I think... I think the only reason I'm still talking about this is because I want a modern Thief that isn't terrible. And perhaps something a little less dark, too, with a more fun-loving thief.

I could really go for that right now.