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The Witcher 3’s Super Turbo Lighting mod makes a gorgeous game glow

The Witcher 3 STL mod

Just in case The Witcher 3’s orange-baked sunsets weren’t pretty enough for you, its best lighting mod just got an extensive upgrade and it makes the game look better than ever, whatever time of the day.

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The Super Turbo Lighting mod reworks the game’s lighting to give a more realistic look, particularly at night, with streets illuminated by the glow of light sources. It’s not pitch black, but there’s definitely a better contrast between light and shadow, as you can see in the trailer above.

It doesn’t just look at lighting, however. There’s some particle work for spells, better lighting between cutscenes and gameplay, fog reduction, increased draw distance, and more.

Here’s everything it does:

  • Tweaked IGNI particles and colours ( you have to invest points in igni talents for this to work )
  • Lighting change for every major zone
  • Increased view distance
  • Streamlined lighting between cut scenes and normal global lighting
  • Streamlined lighting between in-door/caves and normal global lighting
  • Fog reduction
  • High quality AO for normal exploration lighting
  • Tweaked combat FX particles
  • Tweaked water reflection