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The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine expansion will be as big as all of the Skellige Isles combined and out before E3

Witcher 3

In an interview with German website GameStar, some solid details about Blood & Wine, Witcher 3’s second expansion, have finally been released. Not only is it likely to be out before E3 – though there’s no solid release date yet – but it’s absolutely huge: as big as all of the base game’s Skellige Isles combined. Assuming it’s also as dense with quests and battlefields and enemies and slightly odd sex scenes as the rest, that’s mighty impressive for a single DLC expansion.

Our favourite game of 2015 and one of the best RPG ever.

That’s not all either, with a full translation of the interview made on Reddit. Here’s some further highlights, about both Blood & Wine and some general CD Projekt facts:

  • There won’t be a sale on the expansion immediately after it releases.
  • There are no plans for remasters of Witcher 1 & 2.
  • Nor will there be an all-three-games package of some kind once Witcher 3 is ‘finished’ – their argument is that W1 and 2 are already quite cheap when sales roll around.
  • They’re considering a Game of the Year edition for Witcher 3 that puts all the expansions and DLC together in one place.
  • Filling the world isn’t as tough as you might think, they’ve even had problems actually having enough space for everything they want.

There’s also some tiny mentions of Cyberpunk 2077, about how they’re currently working on redesigning certain elements, requiring some engine changes. They’re as coy as they’ve been ever since that first trailer about the game – but give some explanation on that, pointing out that they have to be careful about what they say so as not to negatively affect perception of the company or game.

Have a read of the full thing over on Reddit, or have a watch yourself if you’re linguistically blessed. We’ll have a bunch more on Blood and Wine very soon, so keep it locked our way for ever more unicorn rides and Drowner slaying.