This Witcher 3 mod allows you to explore its beautiful fantasy land in first-person

Witcher 3

There’s a new The Witcher 3 mod that lets you explore its rolling hills, dirty swamps, windswept isles and fairytale lands in first-person. It looks like a great new way for veterans to see the game with a fresh set of eyes. 

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I know what you’re thinking: The Witcher 3’s combat would be a complete mess in first-person. You’re right, of course, but this mod handles that little issue with a clever little quirk.

You know how Deus Ex: Human Revolution pulls the camera out of Adam Jensen’s head when climbing up ladders or stabbing a dude with arm chisels? Well, this does the same for combat or riding Roach.

Geralt’s head disappears for a little while, but you won’t care when you’re taking a tour in Toussaint. I can already imagine the sense of scale. Now we just need someone to make it work with VR.

There’s a link to download the mod at the top of this forum thread, but mess about with game files at your own risk. You’ll also need this mod, which lets you access the debug console.

Right, I’m off to watch Geralt explore his vineyard.