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Witcher 3 owners can grab new armour and crossbows with this week’s free DLC

Witcher 3 free dlc week 3

Did you know that The Witcher 3 owners are getting 16 free pieces of DLC? That’s right – and this week’s healthy dose of digital goodies consists of a sweet Nilfgaardian armour set, and an Elite Crossbow set to go with it.

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The first four pieces of DLC are already out: Temerian armour for your horse, and a few more beard/hair options for Geralt, released with the launch of the game. The second week brought with it a free contract quest, and a new look for Yennefer.

This week however is all about Geralt and his armaments. The Nilfgaardian armour set and the Elite Crossbow set will help the Witcher dispatch his many foes, while looking devilishly good doing it. Players can grab them later this week according to CD Projekt RED via Facebook.

Ten more DLC is planned to be released, which will be launched each week throughout June and July. Bringing money back into the equation, CD Projekt RED also plan on releasing two meaty expansions to the game; the first of which will launch in October with Hearts of Stone.

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