Give Geralt a bit more protection with this shield mod for The Witcher 3

Witcher 3 Shields

Breaking with Witcher convention, a recent mod for The Witcher 3 grants Geralt the ability to use a shield in battle. Giving him access to 40 different shields, as well as some fine looking robes, this mod is perfect for someone looking for a bit more safety in battle.

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From bucklers to tower shields to kite shields, there are plenty of variants to pick from in this mod. You’d think these shields had been designed by CD Projekt Red for how well they work in battle. You unfortunately don’t get any new moves like a parry or a shield bash when using one of these shields, but they’re great for protecting Geralt from enemy archer fire. Arrows even stick out of the front of his shield, adding for that extra layer of authenticity.

Unfortunately, the addition of shields is not that true to the lore of The Witcher. According to one Codex entry in game, Witchers don’t use shields as they are “ineffectual against the strength of monsters” that a Witcher will usually end up hunting. This isn’t Dark Souls, a flimsy wooden shield would get smashed up by a griffin in a matter of seconds. Witchers are also trained to swap quickly between their silver and steel sword, so having a shield in the way would just complicate matters.

If you are interested in downloading this mod, it also comes with eight new armour sets, 12 different hoods and two cloaks for Geralt to wear. A fine silk cloak sounds perfect when you’re roaming round the mountains of Skellige. You can download the mod right here and check out the video above to see Geralt using a shield in your standard melee.

Thanks PC Gamer.