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The Witness trailer is one long screenshot, voice actors to be announced soon


The Witness, Jonathan Blow’s next project about being quiet, serene and otherwise isolated on a lovely looking island, has been in development for as long as I can remember. Now it’s nearing its much-delayed release date of January 26th and that means proper information and media is starting to be released. That’s begun with the “Long Screenshot” trailers of areas in the game panned over slowly.

Here’s the best of what else is coming up in the near future, games wise.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s really very pretty indeed, if about as informative as any other teaser trailer.

That’s not only a place I want to explore, but an art style I want to look around. It’s just the right combination of cartoony brightness and realistic beauty. Assuming there’s an interesting story to be told in that world, I’ll happily take a wander in it.

Meanwhile on the official site, Blow gives us the lowdown on how things are progressing on the game. He says that most of the voiceover work has been completed, with the last recording sessions to go in January. Shortly they’ll be able to announce the voice talent that will be whispering sweet somethings in our headphones, including some “you may know from other recent games.”

They’re also working on different translations of the game and fixing a number of bugs related to each area of the island. They’re done building areas and redesigning how things look, but are still tweaking bits and pieces they see and don’t like. They’re also looking at the possibilities of a physical release to accompany the digital version, but it will likely hit a few months later.

In other words, everything’s looking good for a late January of island exploring.