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Thief 4 footage shows a more deadly Garrett


Thief is out of the shadows; here’s our Thief review.

If you thought there was too much robbery going on in the Thief series and not enough murder you might be quite happy with the recent footage captured of the game in action, it has arrow headshots and everything.

Everyone else, hide your disappointment. Do it for the children.

The footage on show was captured by those fiends over at Gametrailers, it shows Thief running on a PS4, so look at this video and imagine all the things looking better.

A worrying focus of the footage is the new combat abilities that have been added to Thief. Eidos Montreal look to be making a game that is more accepting of play styles other than diehard stealth but in doing so they’ve made a game that rewards violent playthroughs – headshots provide bonus XP, you can pause time toline up debilitating punches to a guard’s pressure points, and, well, it looks less like a Thief game because of it.

However, so long as we are free to play non-violently, and I mean non-violently – not Deus Ex: Human Revolution-style forced kills – then this shouldn’t be an issue for the final game. But, with so little of the game yet shown, it’s becoming easy to draw negative conclusions.