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Thief developer explains how you’ll be playing as a sad orphan stuck in a decaying city where everyone is starving


Thief is out of the shadows; here’s our Thief review.

If there’s one emotion that springs to the forefront of my mind after watching today’s Thief developer diary, happiness is not it. Narrative director Steven Gallagher has been explaining the story behind main thief man Garrett in the upcoming reboot, and it’s not a pretty tale. 

Gallagher explains that after escaping from an orphanage as a young boy, Garrett realised he had a natural talent for pilfering things, and has been keeping those skills in employment ever since. It helps keep him away from his tortured past, apparently.

You’d want to keep your mind occupied with a hobby too, what with the state of the city he lives in. A city torn on the brink of industrial revolution, the local law enforcement are, in typical fashion, a big bunch of bastards hell bent on making everyone’s lives a misery. Everyone’s hungry due to food shortages, and the inevitable oncoming revolution is making all those ‘good old days’ lovers pretty upset.

For any old-time Thief players out there, despite the reboot being a new story with a new approach to Garrett, Gallagher promises there will be nods and references to the original Thief universe. He’s pretty coy with details, throwing the word ‘maybe’ around a lot, but it’s pretty clear that if you know what you’re looking for in regards to old-school Thief easter eggs, you’re going to find them.

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