Thief is on the Xbox, which means we get a screenshot


Thief is out of the shadows; here’s our Thief review.

Oh joyous day, kaloo kalay! Thief is on the Teletexbox!

Am I doing it right? The truth is I’m a bit concerned about the Thief reboot’s close allegiance to the now-here next-gen. By the time of its release next year, the new consoles will still be in their nappies. Maybe Thief will become one of those long-launch sleeper hits. Or maybe… well, it doesn’t bear thinking about. In any case, the announcement means we get to take in another vignette from Eidos Montreal’s take on The City.

Fire! In previous Thieves we’ve only seen its aftermath, in the Shalebridge Cradle. That doesn’t look like this: every cruel inch of the Cradle is etched irrecoverably into my brain.


Thief has always had the scent of 17th century London about it, and nothing says old England like urban blazes making tinderwood of your entire street.

When I think of games-plus-fire, though, the first thing I think is Max Payne, all spectacle, falling debris and a clear path to the exit. But then I think of Far Cry 2, and dynamic wildlife displacement. Most likely Thief’s won’t be much like either. I just hope the flames won’t serve to close off doors in a series that typically has you open every last one.

What’re your thoughts on the new Thief’s pretty orange hue?