Thief ‘Master Thief’ edition available to pre-order

Thief bank vault

Thief is out of the shadows; here’s our Thief review.

If you’re pretty confident that Eidos Montreal’s reimagining of the Thief universe is for you, then you may have spotted with glee that the game is available to pre-order now from Steam and the Square Enix shop. Pre-orders are, in the usual way for big, highly anticipated AAAs, split into two versions: the standard and the deluxe. The Digital premium version for Thief is the ‘Master Thief’ edition, and comes packaged with a little extra loot. 

Available only on digital download, the Master Thief edition for PC comes with an official digital art book containing concept art and imagery of the new Thief universe. Alongside this is a digital comic, collecting a series of issues that take a deeper look at Garrett’s world. While you are reading this you can be listening to the digital soundtrack for the complete sensory experience.

In-game you’ll pick up a booster pack that grants an exclusive bundle of in-game consumables. These will no doubt help you in the Bank Heist, an exclusive pre-order mission that is designed as a homage to the classic bank mission from Thief 2. Garrett will have to infiltrate the Stonemarket First Bank to get his sticky fingers on an artifact known as the Star of Auldale.

On Steam the Master Thief edition currently commands £29.69, which is 10% below standard price should you be willing to part with your cash five months early. Those still unsure can wait for the verdict of the games media upon Thief’s release on February 25th.