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Thief video introduces safe-cracker Basso, Garrett’s only buddy

Thief Basso

Thief is out of the shadows; here’s our Thief review.

Eidos Montreal are producing a set of short videos that set up the atmosphere of their upcoming Thief reboot. The first introduces Bosso, a new character and ex safe-cracker who helps Garrett out by providing links to the criminal underworld of The City. 

Entitled “Basso’s Gamble”, the Ray Winstone-wannabe boxman has all his hopes pinned on Garrett to save The City, whose neck is held by dirty plague The Gloom, and balls gripped firmly by the corrupt City Watch. Of course Garrett may be a loner and prefer to stay in his clock unhindered, but Basso knows everyone who’s anyone in the criminal underworld, so he’s pretty useful to have around. He haso has a pet magpie called Jenivere, and any friend with a pet thieving bird is someone worth knowing.

Thief releases 28th February 2014, and before then this video series will elaborate on numerous other aspects of the Thief universe.