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This unofficial Star Wars VR tech demo is all I want to play today

Star Wars VR

Frankly, the only thing I really, truly want from VR is to be transported into the Star Wars films. Everything else is secondary. And it looks like Rob McLellan and HammerheadVR are working very hard to make this more than a fantasy.

Their untitled, unofficial Star Wars VR game basically looks like everything I want. Bask in it below.

What have we got then?

  • Chatting to Darth Vader
  • Hanging out with your Rebel pilot buddies in your own X-Wing
  • Speeding through the forest moon on a speeder
  • Weaving in between AT-ATs on a snowspeeder
  • Chilling with a Rancor
  • Playing with a lightsaber

The trailer certainly covers most of the bases.

Unfortunately, this is just a tech demo for a proposed game that’s not got any backing from EA or Disney.