THQ earnings call reveals losses, delays for Company of Heroes and Metro: Last Light, THQ to seek financing


Company of Heroes 2 and Metro 2033 have been delayed until March of next year, according to a THQ earnings call today, while Obsidian’s South Park game has been pushed back even further.

Which is no big deal, except that THQ went on to report a $21 million loss, and revenues of just $107.4 million and is now trying to find additional capital for 2013. Which means the publisher is on now officially on life-support. THQ apparently did not take questions and ended the call early.

It’s the kind of call that’s terrifying to fans of Metro, Relic, and Volition, because the announcement that they are searching for financing may indicate the publisher is in such dire straits that it cannot complete and launch all of its current lineup. Certainly THQ president Jason Rubin hinted as much when he said that delaying those games would have “financial implications”.

So if you’re a Company of Heroes fan with $50 million or so lying about, THQ would love to talk! Meanwhile, I’m going to try and stop hyperventilating about the possibility we might not get THQ’s awesome early 2013 lineup.