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Players share impressions of massive upcoming MMORPG’s current beta

Thanks to players of its current beta test, we've learned more about Throne and Liberty, the upcoming MMORPG from NCSoft and Amazon Games.

Players share feedback on massive new MMORPG's beta: A blond woman in a white hood, from Throne and Liberty.

Launching a new MMO is always a tough proposition, but especially in 2024. These days, most players seem to have settled into their favorite multiplayer RPG games, devoting their time exclusively to genre entries like Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft: Classic, Black Desert Online, or Elder Scrolls Online. Tearing them away from characters and worlds they’ve already invested so much into is difficult, but having the backing of one of the world’s largest corporations certainly helps. This is the case with Throne and Liberty, an upcoming free to play MMORPG by Amazon Games and NCSoft, which has just launched its most recent closed beta and, as a result, provided us with new insight into its current status thanks to impressions from that beta’s players.

Throne and Liberty has been in the works for quite a while, the MMORPG building out its fantasy world and refining its approach to a PvPvE combat system based on its players’ ability to transform between human and animal forms. While its launch is still on the horizon, Throne and Liberty kicked off a closed beta yesterday, which has given us an insight into how the game’s early version has been received.

A thread on Reddit includes feedback from a number of beta players. These comments put most of their praise toward Throne and Liberty’s visual fidelity, which is apparently among the best yet seen in an MMORPG. Its technical performance is, apparently, solid as well, with loading between zones being particularly fast. Some players point out, though, that the combat and character gear isn’t very exciting, and reiterate concerns about how microtransactions will be implemented.

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Throne and Liberty’s current beta ends on April 17, so it’s likely we’ll hear more as its trial period continues.

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