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Timebomb: you’ve 24 hours to download Sniper Elite V2 for free on Steam and keep it forever

Sniper Elite V2 free

Steam’s magical discount fairy has now run the gamut in recent World War 2 shooters. In April, uncompromising Western Front simulator Red Orchestra 2 went free. Today, we’ve flown right to the other end of the silly spectrum for Rebellion’s skull disassembly sim, Sniper Elite V2.

The promotion lasts exactly 24 hours, ending Thursday June 5 at 6pm BST, better known as 10am PST in America. Go!

In an accompanying statement, Rebellion explain why they’ve briefly sworn off back catalogue profit. They’d rather swell their fanbase ahead of the promisingly sandboxy Sniper Elite 3.

“V2’s one of Rebellion’s most successful ever games, but it’s been out for over two years now,” said Rebellion co-founder Jason Kingsley.

“We think the loyal Sniper Elite community will welcome some fresh blood on the multiplayer servers, while new players will get to experience the things that make the series unique, and sharpen their skills before the release of Sniper Elite 3.”

Invoking Rebellion’s independence from publishing puppetmasters, Kingsley said that “players are more important than money”.

“If you can delight them and build that word of mouth, that buzz about your game – it’s worth everything. We want people to interact with our studio and our games for years, not just launch week.”

Will you go willingly into Kingsley and co’s goodwill indoctrination? Free, innit?