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The canceled TimeSplitters reboot keeps looking better and better

Ex-Free Radical Design staff have shared art from the canceled TimeSplitters reboot and it's a reminder of how great it could have been.

A gun toting man leaping towards the viewer.

With the TimeSplitters reboot all but canceled, the team behind it have been sharing its art and it’s impressive to say the least. Every week brings a new TimeSplitters art dump, showcasing all the work that went into recreating this classic multiplayer FPS.

While the unofficial TimeSplitters remake, TimeSplitters Rewind, is still in the works, Free Radical Design’s unnamed FPS game reboot is essentially dead in the water. It could potentially happen but given the scale of layoffs at Embracer Group, which includes TimeSplitters developer Free Radical Design, it’s extremely unlikely.

But, thanks to former Free Radical Design staff, TimeSplitters fans have been given a glimpse at what might have been. Actually, maybe glimpse is the wrong word, it’s more like a deluge of art, everything from levels through to characters and weapons.

A collection of weapons, some modern, some sci-fi.

This latest art bounty comes courtesy of former senior artist Mark Normington, who was developing items and scenery for the game. He’s done a magnificent job of recreating the original TimeSplitters trilogy’s sometimes-silly weapons, from flintlock pistols to ray-guns.

The original TimeSplitters games, which never made it to PC, dialed up the wackiness with a host of ridiculous characters. Among the people responsible for bringing them into the 4K era was Alfred Turner, a senior artist at Free Radical. He took those original designs, nearly 20 years since the last TimesSplitters game and created these brilliant re-imaginings.

Three characters from TimeSplitters, a lobster woman, a spaceman and a strongman.

Turner, along with, presumably, the rest of the former Free Radical Design staff, have been given the go-ahead to share all this art. That’s another indication that the reboot isn’t going ahead. You wouldn’t want all the art just floating around out there if the project was still active.

All this art is ending up on ArtStation and the good news is that the unofficial TimeSplitters Wiki is logging all this, adding in links to the appropriate portfolios. You can find all the TimeSplitters art links here, so it’s at least being seen by someone. Here’s hoping those who haven’t already found new roles get there soon, this is just too much talent to waste.

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