Diablo meets Greek mythology as beloved classic ARPG returns

Titan Quest 2 is a return to the beloved Greek mythology-driven action RPG game, which blends Diablo and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey with multiplayer loot hunting.

Titan Quest 2 - a warrior in full ancient Greek armor, complete with bold plumage arcing over his helmet.

Titan Quest 2 brings back the beloved mythology-led ARPG from 2006 with a brand new sequel for the modern day. The first Titan Quest remains one of the best games like Diablo that launched in the wake of Diablo 2, bringing the ancient Greek mythos seen in games like Age of Mythology and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to the action-RPG space with a gorgeous world, rich character building, robust multiplayer options, and of course plenty of loot. Now, Titan Quest 2 promises to follow up on that legacy with another rival to the likes of Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2.

Revealed at the THQ Digital Nordic showcase on August 11, 2023, Titan Quest 2 tasks players with taking up arms and joining the fight against Nemesis, Goddess of Retribution. The announcement comes alongside a stunning cinematic trailer showing armored warriors marching through the streets of ancient Greece, before fiery spirits descend from the heavens as the sky parts to herald the arrival of Nemesis.

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The first Titan Quest, helmed by Age of Empires co-creator Brian Sullivan with a script from Braveheart screenwriter Randall Wallace, was a great spin on the Diablo formula. While it didn’t do anything truly revolutionary, it gave fans a welcome adventure five years after the release of Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction and another five prior to the eventual arrival of Diablo 3.

Titan Quest received a special ten-year anniversary edition in 2016 that combines it with its Immortal Throne expansion alongside improved multiplayer tools, mod support through Steam Workshop, and even some new heroes and bosses along the way. It maintains a 91% positive Steam rating, and even got three additional expansions branching out into other mythological areas in the forms of Titan Quest Ragnarök, Atlantis, and Eternal Embers.

Much like its predecessor, Titan Quest 2 promises a versatile character-building kit that lets you combine two masteries of your choice to create a distinct hybrid class and then supplement it with all manner of skill modifiers, attributes, and that sweet, sweet loot. Developer Grimlore Games promises, “Every item serves a function, and every character class has many options when it comes to finding the perfect equipment.”

Titan Quest 2 - a warrior in ancient Greek armor fights a giant bird-like creature.

Along with plenty of drops, there’ll also be a robust crafting system to look forward to in Titan Quest 2. “Even the most common spear can be upgraded via affix crafting,” Grimlore Games explains, “and with the right ingredients you may even forge it into a unique item spoken only of legend.”

As someone who came to the first Titan Quest late and still found plenty to love in its approach to the format, I’m very excited at the prospect of its return. With the likes of Diablo 4, Path of Exile 2, and Last Epoch, it feels like we’re having a real renaissance of the action-RPG game, and I couldn’t be happier. Now I’m just eager to see Titan Quest 2 gameplay in action, although the screenshots already look fantastic.

Titan Quest 2 is listed as “coming soon” on Steam but currently has no release date – for now you can add it to your wishlist to keep track of it. If you’re intrigued enough to try its predecessor, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is currently 75% off on Steam at just $4.99 / £4.49, down from $19.99 / £17.99.

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