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Jack Cooper didn’t ask for this either in the new Titanfall 2 campaign gameplay trailer

BT-7274 releases his former pilot

New trailers are falling faster than Titans over at Respawn Entertainment. Newly dropped onto the Internet last night is a single-player gameplay trailer that tells us a little more about protagonist Jack Cooper, and the world-destroying plans of the presumably evil IMC.

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Titanfall 2’sprevious trailers, and Respawn’s Twitter feed,emphasise that the game will be built around the relationship between Jack and his Titan, BT-7274, but in this trailer we hear for the first time how Jack feels about it all. There’s a fish-out-of-water angle going on: Jack was never meant to be a pilot, but “sometimes you don’t get to choose your path”. Some have greatness forced upon them, and so on.

Halfway through the trailer comes the teasing line: “the IMC have developed a weapon. It has the power to destroy entire worlds.” The IMC are the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, one of the factions from the original game. Now that there’s a story in the sequel, we’ll get to see a little more of what they’re about. Whatever it is, it’s clear they’re Up To No Good.

The rest of the trailer shows off some new gameplay sequences while Jack channels Adam Jensen. Titanfall 2 launches on October 28.