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Titanfall 2 launch trailer covers Nancy Sinatra, features chest lasers

Titanfall 2's Jack Cooper and BT-7274

With just three days to go until Titanfall 2 finally lands – just in time for the weekend – an all-new launch trailer has appeared on the Titanfall YouTube channel.

Thirsty for more Titanfall 2 details? Here’s everything we know so far.

A dubstep-infused cover version of Nancy Sinatra’s Bang Bang (which is itself a cover of a Cher single, in case you didn’t know) accompanies almost photorealistic scenes of protagonist Jack Cooper and his Titan, BT-7274, artfully slaying several enemies in a forest. Choice lyrics include “they torched the rest, bang bang, with lasers from their chest.” Nice.

The trailer is the best-looking of the many we’ve seen, and teases a range of abilities you’ll be able to make use of in the finished game, including flamethrowers, grappling hooks and, of course, chest lasers. It once again strengthens the bond between Jack and BT, showing them together through thick and thin, but doesn’t tell us much that we don’t already know. Personally, I’m just ready for the game now.

Titanfall 2 is out on October 28, and pre-orders are live in the meanwhile. You can grab it via EA’s Origin platform for £49.99 UK or $59.99 US.