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Titanfall 2’s cinematic single-player trailer sets the tone with some slick action

Titanfall 2 cinematic trailer

Unless it’s CD Projekt or Blizzard, cinematic trailers generally don’t do much for me, but this Titanfall 2 trailer is damn swish. Respawn are yet to prove if they can deliver the goods with a single-player campaign, though this sets the tone nicely. 

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The trailer begins with a look at a pilot on the battlefield. These elite soldiers are faster, more agile and have more tools than your average grunt, so the camera follows as they slip, slide, wall-run and more, all while killing dudes dead.

A narrator informs us of what makes these special soldiers stand out, even as they link up with their titan for a showdown with an enemy mech. It turns out the narrator is the game’s protagonist, who starts out as a simple rifleman and has to earn his stripes as a pilot once he commandeers one a little into the campaign.

I love how the rifleman seems to revere the pilots. It’s clever how the trailer basically gets across how it felt in the first Titanfall to cut your way through squads of AI-controlled grunts.

You felt like you had a command over the battlefield that wasn’t within grasp of these regular soldiers, and it’ll be cool if that feeling of empowerment carries over into the single-player once our protagonist find his potential. It’ll be interesting to see how Respawn balance it though.

Obviously we’ll face enemy pilots and titans, but you have to feel under pressure even when against grunts. Judging by the trailer, constant momentum might well be the key to survival. Check it out in the video above.