If your PC isn’t powered by a Titan, this Titanfall 2 patch should massively improve performance

Titanfall 2 titan v titan brawl

There’s a new Titanfall 2 patch that should mark a big improvement to performance, especially on lower-end machines. Thanks to adaptive resolution scaling, the shooter should keep up the pace, wall-running at a silky smooth frame rate, instead of stuttering and falling to the ground below.

Don’t be surprised if the shooter sequel Titanfalls into our list of the best FPS games.

To turn on adaptive resolution scaling, you need to enableTSAA, and it’ll work its magic, downscaling the image whenever it needs to in order to maintain your fps – handy for those with low spec cards, or anyone attempting 4K on a mid-range GPU.

Do be wary though, as if you target too high a frame rate, the image quality will massively suffer. Live within your means, yeah?

Here are the full patch notes:

  • Stability and GPU performance improvements
  • Titan weakspot highlighting respects colourblind settings
  • Reduced stuttering and playback issues with voice chat
  • Improved speed of allocating Private Match dedicated servers
  • Adjusted Recommended settings for lower end GPUs
  • Reduced hitching when changing between no antialiasing and TSAA
  • Increased performance of streaming textures, reducing stalls and hitches
  • Archer and Thunderbolt now go to Aim-Down-Sights when wall-hanging (oops!)
  • Better Network chatroom moderation tools
  • Fixed various grapple gameplay issues
  • Fixed Kraber shots going through Bubble Shield
  • Fixed certain combinations of weapon mods and menu selection resulting in no weapon model showing in customisation menus
  • Fixed spawning halfway underground after playing third person animations in Kill Replay
  • Fixed tracker lock-on HUD elements not reliably showing up during Kill Replay
  • Fixed Titan executions not triggering reliably
  • Fixed mantling up stairs
  • Fixed incorrect aspect ratio when switching from fullscreen 1920×1080 to windowed 1600×900
  • Fixed some rare hardlocks and crashes
  • Fixed subtitles being stretched in 21:9 ratios
  • Fixed race condition when accepting Origin game invite with application closed
  • Fixed some display issues in Networks lobbies
  • Fixed disappearing grapple rope with TSAA enabled
  • Fixed Nvidia Surround crash