Titanfall DLC will be $10, but new game modes will be free

Titanfall has more than a couple of good modes - but more are on the way.

By the time I bought into Battlefield 4, I was two map packs behind – even after DICE had momentarily halted DLC development to tackle the shooter’s pervasive bugs.

There’s every chance that new quarters of Angel City will be opened up exclusively to Titanfall players willing to play extra in the coming months – but we can rest assured that any new game modes will be made available for everyone with the base game.

“Modes we release will be free to all, not part of DLC,” Respawn head Vince Zampella told Twitter followers.

“DLC is in the works, not quite done yet tho. Don’t think we’ve announced a date yet.”

Despite earlier confusion, Zampella confirmed that Titanfall will have a season pass – and that individual DLC will be bought at $10 a slice.

Titanfall DLC was already in development long before the game’s release, in late January. EA told investors that Titanfall should continue to make the publisher plenty of money during the fiscal year 2015, which begins in April.

In its release state, Titanfall is a lean game – but it’s designed that way, cleaned of the single player fluff and pre-order bonus maps that continue to plague its parent, Call of Duty.

Even so, I haven’t explored the breadth of its modes yet – preferring to stick to Attrition while I find my feet on the walls and roofs of its ruined urban world. But perhaps you’ve exhausted its limits?

Thanks, CVG.