Titanfall season pass and deluxe edition detailed

Titanfall season pass

Titanfall has landed; here’s our Titanfall review.

Respawn’s Titanfall is getting a season pass. Of course it is. It offers access to the three planned slices of DLC for £19.99/$24.99, saving you a whopping £5/$5. Looks like we’re saving a little bit more over here in blighty. With that spare fiver you could buy a burger and a beer at a questionable bar. 

On Origin, you can also grab the Titanfall Digital Deluxe edition which chucks in the season pass as well. That’ll set you back £59.99/$79.99. 

Each DLC pack will contain new maps, but the rest of the content has yet to be revealed. You’ll be able to pick them up separately, if season passes aren’t your thing, as well.

The standard edition absent the season pass is £49.99/$59.99.

You can check out what Nick, Jeremy, Matt and I thought of our beta experience if you’re still undecided about the mech-punching shooter.

Titanfall is due out on March 14th.