Tokyo 42 gameplay demos sneaky tilt-shifted public assassinations

Tokyo 42

The first gameplay footage of Tokyo 42 shows the Frozen Synapse developer-backed stealth shooter’s stylish approach to public shooting.

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Maybe you’ve seen some of these brightly coloured city dioramas in screenshots from EGX or elsewhere, Tokyo 42 is the first game published by Frozen Synapse developers Mode 7 and is an actiony stealth platformer.

The tilt-shift aesthetic, shown from an isometric viewpoint but can be rotated to aid with lining up jumps, gives a good overview as Mode 7 founder Paul Kilduff-Taylor walks you through the opening stages.

There’s a singleplayer campaign, with the tutorial Paul goes through, as well as what sounds like an intriguing multiplayer game as you attempt to blend in with the copious on-screen NPC crowds while picking up weapons and ammo to do a big shooting.

It seems a lot of the platforming and stealth and action elements allow you to approach missions from a variety of playstyles, so think of it as a miniaturised version of Deus Ex.

There’s a lot to like in the game’s design, a large temple looks a lot like the bath house from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away while a lot of the team’s gameplay inspiration comes from Syndicate and early GTA.

Here’s the gameplay so you can see for yourself: