The Division 2 Season 9 release time – new update hits soon

After a long wait when it seemed the Tom Clancy live-service game wasn't so live anymore, The Division 2 Season 9 release time is confirmed - for this week

Returning to Washington DC in The Division 2 Season 9

After a long wait, The Division 2 Season 9 release time and date is here, and Ubisoft confirms that the first new content coming to the MMO game in a long time will go live later this week – along with a new eight-player co-op game mode called Countdown.

It’s been over a year since the supposed “last Title update” for The Division 2, where Ubisoft finally confirmed that it would release some “fresh content” for the live-service shooter later in 2021. It’s now May 2022, and Ubisoft is finally ready to release Season 9: Hidden Alliance.

The new season will include new targets and loot, with the True Sons faction descending into Washington. Ubisoft says that players will see True Sons lieutenants take over missions from the main game, which sounds interesting. The update is also adding the previously announced free co-op mode Countdown, where a team of up to eight players is tasked with clearing out a location of enemies and accomplishing various objectives.

The Division 2 Season 9 release TIME

The Division 2 new season start time is this Thursday, May 12 at 8pm BST / 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT, at least according to the schedule for the free weekend for the game, which should coincide with the update. This takes place between May 13-15. Preloads on PC are already available via Ubisoft Connect, if you want to give it a go.

Elsewhere in this series, The Division Heartland is on the way, and it may lean into a more Escape From Tarkov style of gameplay.