The Division Heartland may be Tom Clancy’s Escape From Tarkov

The first details on The Division: Heartland game modes and gameplay may have been leaked.

The Division Heartland gameplay details may have been leaked.

It’s been three years since the release of The Division 2 and Ubisoft still hasn’t revealed any The Division Heartland gameplay details, or anything much on the announced spin-off at all, really. Instead, a new leak has offered potential info on the game’s modes – which make Heartland sound like a Tom Clancy version of Escape From Tarkov.

In May last year, Ubisoft revealed that a new Division spin-off called Heartland was in production, a free-to-play multiplayer title by Red Storm that’s currently down for a release later this year – however, the publisher still hasn’t released any further info on what The Division Heartland will actually be like.

Now, a new report by Xfire’s Tom Henderson has seemingly shed some light on the shooter. According to Henderson’s sources, who have apparently QA’d the game, Heartland will have at least two major game modes – PvPvE mode “Storm” and the PvE-based “Excursion”. “Storm” is Heartland’s main mode, and it sounds like it will play similar to survival experiences like Escape From Tarkov.

“Silver Creek” is the main open-world map that Storm takes place on, and players are tasked with surviving and looting, before finally extracting themselves from the map. Areas of the map can get contaminated, and players have to craft gas masks to survive them. Loot is arranged in the usual Division/battle royale way of five coloured tiers, and players can spend loot on upgrades, virus clearing, drops, and more.

According to Xfire, there are three character classes so far:

  • Weapon Expert – can mark enemies, has armour kits
  • Medic – can restore health while in cover and can share that with teammates
  • Survivalist – can detect loot

While all this should be taken as rumour until it is revealed officially, Henderson also suggests that Heartland is progressing well  – much better than Ghost Recon Frontline, supposedly. The next Ubisoft earnings call is on February 17, so we may get a proper reveal of Heartland soon.