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The Base of Operations is coming back for The Division 2

the division

The Base of Operations, the upgradeable HQ at heart of The Division’s progression system, will be returning in The Division 2. While not a huge surprise, creative director Julian Gerighty explained that the building you’ve set up in is The Division’s HQ. As in the head of the whole organisation before the release of the virus sent things south.

“There is a distress call from Washington DC, that’s how the agents come to Washington,” Gerighty said on a GameSpot livestream. The campaign “is about figuring out what happened the agency and rebuilding it.”

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The Base of Operations is coming back for good reason: “it is your home, a representation of your progress in the game.” It houses your equipment shops, crafting tables, ability upgrade spots. It’s everything a growing agent needs to build themselves up to take on a world falling apart.

Speaking of, it’s a surprise to the agents in The Division that Washington D.C. fell. As the focal point of their organisation’s activities, it should have been set up best to deal with the fallout of the pandemic.

No that we know The Division 2 release date, Ubisoft is being a lot looser with details about the game.

It’s all set up in the new cinematic trailer:

Before your arrival, there is a distres call. “You’re called to Washington D.C.,” Gerighty explains. “In our lore Washington D.C. is the location where The Division HQ is.”