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The Division, Steep, and Trials Fusion are free to play this weekend

Ubisoft e3 free weekend

The E3 spirit is in the air, so Ubisoft have decided to celebrate by making three of its games free to play on PC for this weekend. Lasting until 18:00 GMT on June 12, The Division, Steep, and Trials Fusion are available to try for free.

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The only downside of this deal is that you do have to download the games via Uplay, rather than something like Steam. For those playing The Division, all of your progress made during this weekend will carry over to the full game, should you choose to buy it. While the full base game is available to free PC users, you have to purchase the DLC to if you want to play through The Division’s expansions.

However, there are discounts going on the full version of The Division and its DLC during this free weekend, so don’t worry about breaking the bank if you want to revisit an apocalyptic version of New York.

As for Trials Fusion and Steep, they are primarily single-player games, so I imagine progress made in the free versions will carry over if you choose to purchase the full game. Again, you’ll need to buy stuff like the Winterfest DLC if you want to race around as a giant inflatable T-Rex in Steep, so Ubisoft are definitely holding back the good stuff to lure you into buying the full game.

Even if you don’t choose to buy any of these free games, this little taster is a great way of getting players on side ahead of Ubisoft’s press conference. It helps dulls the pain of not having Aisha Tyler as a presenter this year. Let’s just hope Mr. Caffeine doesn’t make his grand comeback.