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Today is an important day in Tomb Raider history for Lara Croft

March 5 marks an important occasion in the history of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft, so here's why we should celebrate Crystal Dynamics' game.

Tomb Raider reboot: Lara Croft

It has now been over a decade since the Tomb Raider franchise was revitalized for a new generation of gamers, as March 5, 2024, marks the 11th anniversary of 2013’s Tomb Raider. The release reintroduced the iconic hero Lara Croft to fans in a gritty, compelling, survival story that stands tall among the series’ many installments.

Crystal Dynamics’ first run at Tomb Raider was a significant departure from the previous Lara Croft action-adventure games, serving as an origin story for the beloved character. The developer aimed to revitalize the franchise while staying true to its roots and shipped an immersive experience that breathed new life into a classic IP.

When it came out, Tomb Raider’s greatest boons were its gripping narrative and dynamic gameplay, particularly how they shaped Lara’s personal development. Her transformation from a vulnerable, shipwrecked survivor to a determined heroine — who’d soon carry her best friend bridal-style to safety — resonated with players who had loved her for years. The portrayal of a flawed and ill-equipped Lara was a departure from the invincible hero we knew her as, adding depth and authenticity.

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One of Tomb Raider’s most exciting aspects was its fluid gameplay. We were thrown head-first onto a stormy island filled with exploration, puzzle-solving, and intimidating combat with supernatural enemies. From navigating treacherous terrain to praying your radio would keep working, the ‘deserted island’ premise lived up to the hype.

The Uncharted-style cinematic experience driven by quick-time events and a well-executed story seamlessly blended with the gameplay. The only respite was provided by crackling campfires, where we’d get to try out an array of new and classic outfit skins and scroll through our satisfying loot.

As the 11th anniversary of its release whizzes by, 2013’s Tomb Raider stands as a testament to Lara’s enduring legacy. It’s a landmark title in the series’ history. While the following survival games from Crystal Dynamics didn’t deliver quite the same level of thrills, we’re still glad we have this era of Tomb Raider to look back on. Of course, the old games will always be there too, especially now that I-III have been remastered for PC!

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