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Analyze This: Rise of the Tomb Raider pits Lara against bears and shrinks

Rise of the Tomb Raider

It might not have sold quite as much or quite as quickly as Square Enix wanted it to, but Tomb Raider was a lesson in how to do a reboot. And it ended with a Lara not in the least bit finished with her dangerous gallivanting across the globe. 

Rise of the Tomb Raider is the follow-up to last year’s reboot, with the trailer suggesting that it’s the story of Lara becoming who she was “meant to be”. 

What Lara is getting up to in her second adventure isn’t clear – aside from falling, being chased by bears and putting arrows in men with guns – but it continues the tone of the last game, opting for psychological and physical trauma over the less serious tone of the original games.

The Croatoan mystery was hinted at as a potential violent archeological adventure, last year, but it’s not obvious from the trailer where Lara’s is getting up to no good this time. It’s raining and there are caves. There are always caves.