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Topic of the Week: Describe your perfect Valve press conference

Topic of the Week: Valve press conference

The obsession of the week is that rumour that Valve is hosting a press conference at GDC today, 3pm on the 3rd, and that a big announcement is imminent. The official line is that this is not the case at all, but speculation and rumours have a life of their own.  

We’ve probably already seen Valve’s biggest announcement, the Vive, revealed just before GDC, but we shouldn’t let that stop us from dreaming. So for our Topic of the Week, we want to know what the perfect Valve press conference would be. Half-Life 3 announced? Left 4 Dead 3 announced? Gabe reveals that he’s leaving this world for a virtual one? Let us know in the comments. 

As always, I’ll get the ball rolling. 

I have to confess, I don’t really care about Half-Life 3. It’s been so long, and the rumours never seem to abate, and I’m just exhausted. Sure, I would like to play a sequel to one of the best PC games ever developed, but I’m also prepared for this never happening. 

What I’d really like to see is more Vive stuff, and we’re probably going to be hearing a lot about that anyway. Previously, Valve said that it wasn’t going to be doing its own VR thing, and would instead support Oculus, which is what SteamVR started off doing. 

So what made them change their mind, and what’s so special about the Vive. 

Anyway, enough from me. Let us know what your perfect Valve press conference would be like.

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GlodaR avatarShriven avataragent1138 avatarMountain_Man avatarHtorne avatarDog Pants avatar+3
Shriven Avatar
3 Years ago

Giant saw blade flies across the arena on a wire, directly into the main display unit. Pyro-technics fire, static on the screen fades away. Dunnnn, Dunn... valve logo, fades out,

GabeN appears on stage in full HEV Suit and a to scale working Dog.

Announces new skin pack for Dota.

GlodaR Avatar
3 Years ago

Probably Valve didn't like when FB bought Oculus so ye.

agent1138 Avatar
3 Years ago

Source 2 released whilst having fully fluid dynamic water physics and real time destruction, following this announcement Episode 3, Left 4 Dead 3 Dota 2/3rds and CSGlobalTriganomatryRicoc3t

Htorne Avatar
Dog Pants Avatar
3 Years ago

I agree about HL3. Even if they ever did release it, it could never live up to the expectations people have built for it.


Inspired by Mountain Man's rather controversial comment, I'd like to see a viable SteamOS release. One that I, as a Windows user, could use transparently. Hands-off install, full Windows emulation (or not emulation, whatever), a decent interface. I realise that my desire is no more likely to happen than HL3.

boniek83 Avatar
3 Years ago

It could if it could be somehow made VR game and VR is just as cool as people say.

Caff Avatar
3 Years ago

Here's Source 2, ladies and gentlemen.

And here's what it looks like on a VR headset.

Mountain_Man Avatar
3 Years ago

I'd love to see them announce Half-Life 3 as a SteamOS exclusive. It'd be hilariously ironic to watch a bunch of Windows gamers grudingly dual-boot Linux just to play a hotly anticipated game.

unwanted Avatar
3 Years ago

Not going to lie, that would suck for a lot of people but damn it would be entertaining watching all of the people who love to spout "PC Master Race" erase their Windows partition.

boniek83 Avatar
3 Years ago

Valve repeatedly said that they would never do such thing.