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Topic of the Week: What did you play over the holidays?

Topic of the Week: Holidays

Now that it’s properly 2015, it’s time for Topic of the Week to return home after its winter holiday, no doubt spent somewhere warm, away from the rain and snow. But, while we’re talking about holidays, we want to know how you spent yours, specifically, what games you played.

Did you get through games bought in the countless end of year sales? Perhaps you finally started to chip away at that Steam backlog? Or maybe you wanted to spend time with family and friends, which obviously requires some sort of multiplayer shenanigans. Let us know in the comments. 

As always, I’ll get the ball rolling. 

I didn’t have much free time for gaming over the break, lamentably. It was actually the longest holiday I’ve taken in about four years, but I couldn’t spend it chained to my PC. 

I did manage to steal enough time to faff around in The Sims 4, though. Christmas brought with it a free update with festive treats and new careers. I enjoyed the game a lot at launch, but it’s taken me a bit longer to realise that this is the most fun I’ve had with the series. Thanks to the free updates, it’s the best Sims base game. 

Dragon Age: Inquisition demanded a bit of my attention, too. I could have finished the game a long time ago, but I so enjoy exploring the gargantuan world that I’m trying to do everything, which will probably keep me occupied for another 20 or so hours at least.  

Most of my gaming time was actually spent on my *gasp* Vita. When I picked it up late last year it quickly overtook my 3DS as my main handheld, and I’ve been pouring as much time as possible into Persona 4 Golden.    

Anyway, enough from me. What about you lovely people? What have you been playing over the holidays?

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Dog Pants avatara_tiny_child avatarSam_Fisher avatarShriven avatarFraser Brown avatarDhulKarnain avatar+7
a_tiny_child Avatar
3 Years ago

Asking me what I played over the holidays makes the bold assumption that I had a choice in the matter.

Once Elite gets on your PC, it doesn't get off.

Dog Pants Avatar
3 Years ago

I didn't get to spend nearly as much time gaming as I'd have liked due to festive family stuff taking priority, but I got a little time in on Elite Dangerous and Alien: Isolation. I'd say the game which got most of my time was Mount Your Friends, played on my weekend gaming evenings with (mounted) friends. That game has me crying with laughter.

Fraser Brown Avatar
3 Years ago

One of my favourite multiplayer couch games. I'll never get tired of those swinging willies.

Shriven Avatar
3 Years ago

Dragon Age

This War of Mine

Game of Thrones

Civilization: Beyond Earth

One Finger Death Punch

Bought in sale and yet to play:

Wasteland 2

Sins of a Solar Empire®: Rebellion!

Mount your Friends.

Really wanting to get Elite but with so many games on sale I couldnt justify buying it over the others. Soon though.

Sam_Fisher Avatar
3 Years ago

I played League, some M&B Warband, and Smite.

Jezcentral Avatar
3 Years ago

Dragon Age. I'm just wallowing in it. Alas, I think made a plot-relevant decision and cut myself off from doing some of the missions. (I'm not certain of this yet, though. I haven't got back to the main map yet).

EDIT: Finally got back to where I can see the mainmap and the missions are still there. Yay!

DhulKarnain Avatar
3 Years ago

I've been clearing out my backlog so I played:

+ Warlock: Master of the Arcane

+ Hearts of Iron II Doomsday (played as Romania and got crushed as the last standing Axis country in late 1946 by the Soviets who were also fighting against the Western Allies since 1940)

+ Disciples III Renaissance

+ Civilization V BNW (as Persia)

Tovias Avatar
3 Years ago

Some Mount and Blade: Warband, tried to get back to RO2 and Renegade X.

Then L'Aigle came

Soxekaj Avatar
3 Years ago

League of Legends


Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director's cut (bought in the steam winter sale)


Prime World: Defenders

xNuke Avatar
3 Years ago

Tonks, lots and lots of tonks

NihlusGreen Avatar
3 Years ago

Dragon Age

Game of Thrones

Walking Dead Season 2

Killing Floor

Aever Avatar
3 Years ago

World of Tanks as much as I could stomach the various issues with the game. Then something by comparison lite on the nerves, like Dark Souls. That's about it.

KeefBaker Avatar
3 Years ago

Elite Dangerous and some Arkham Origins which made me play Arkham City again because City is much better