Topic of the Week: What game would you use to introduce someone to PC gaming?

Topic of the Week: Introducing someone to PC games

There are people who don’t play games on PC. Some of these people actually own a PC and don’t even realise what they have. It’s madness. But instead of committing them or pointing at them in the street, we should pester them incessantly with game recommendations that will bring them into the fold. 

And what recommendations might they be? That’s our Topic of the Week. We want to know what game’s you’d recommend to someone to introduce them to PC gaming. A multiplatform game that shows how much better that version is on PC. Something you’d never see on another platform? Let us know in the comments. 

As always, I’ll get the ball rolling.

I would tell them to play Crusader Kings II. I didn’t even have to think about that one. It’s the sort of game that could only really exist on PC, even though Paradox’s CEO Fred Wester has said that he’d love to take a crack at getting grand strategy games on tablet. It’s all menus and maps, the sort of thing you want to pour over while sitting at a desk, preferably with a candle flickering in the corner of the room.

Within it is strategy, management, roleplaying, war and intrigue. The myriad menus and learning curve might make it a hard sell, but it’s the best Game of Thrones game that isn’t inspired by Game of Thrones (and there’s also that wonderful GoT mod) and that’s something people will, and have, gobble up.

Someone who has just started to explore PC gaming probably won’t have a behemoth of a rig, and that’s fine, because Crusader Kings II doesn’t ask for much. The map itself is stunning, but most of the game is menus and text, and most GPUs will do.

If they can wrap their head around complex dynastic management and grand strategy, then they’re ready for anything. Including any other game recommendations you might want to throw at them.

Okay, that’s enough from me. What about you lovely lot? What game would you recommend to first time PC gamers?