Topic of the Week: What are your favourite mods?

Topic of the Week: Mods

If there is a single element in PC gaming that defines it and separates it from its console cousins, it would have to be mods. Sure, there’s the freedom that comes with being able to build custom rigs, the powerful GPUs, the shift to digital that’s made buying and playing games so much easier - but it’s modding wizardry that gets me most hot under the collar. 

So that’s our Topic of the Week. Mods. Specifically, what are the one’s that have had the greatest impact on you, dear reader. Any game, any mod - we want to know. So tell us, what are your favourite mods? 

As always, I’ll get the ball rolling. 

Fate was not on Knights of the Old Republic 2’s side. Obsidian’s exploration of morality and philosophy elevated Star Wars well beyond its simple premise. In my estimation, it’s the best thing to have come out of the franchise since The Empire Strikes Back. But, rushed out the door by LucasArts, it became a frequently cited example of buggy, unfinished games. 

The now complete Sith Lords Restored Content mod was a revelation. A group of diligent modders rebuilt Obsidian’s vision, squashing bugs, restoring deleted content and generally repairing the damage done by its hasty development. 

If KotOR2 is a great example of rushed development, then TSLRCM is a testament to the skill of modders, and their ability to make great games even greater. 

It’s one of my favourite mods, not because it’s flashy or some drastic overhaul, but because it respects the original game - one of the best RPGS on PC - and simply makes it what it should have been to begin with. 

I’ve rambled on long enough. So, you lovely lot, what are your favourite mods?

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Shriven avatarBelimawr avatarunwanted avatarnimrod123 avatarDog Pants avatarstiggins avatar+5
Shriven Avatar
3 Years ago

Shlongs of Skyrim.

Am I right? eh?....guys?....g....guys...?

Umm Ok.

Rome Total Realism was fantastic. Not for Rome II, the original. Made the campaign like, 4 times longer. Took several turns to get to a town in some cases. And upped the difficulty level. Great one.

Ill also add Black Mesa and that Total War: MIddle Earth one.

Dog Pants Avatar
3 Years ago

I'm probably missing some incredible mod I played for years, but all I can think about is the Hide & Seek mod for Counterstrike. I remember nearly haemorrhaging trying not to laugh over TeamSpeak as the CTs hunted me mere feet away from where, as a sofa, I was hiding wedged between the cab and trailer of a tanker.

EDIT: I have a screenshot!

Htorne Avatar
3 Years ago

Feed The Beast for minecraft, I've literally spent 1000s of hours building nuclear reactors, factories and underwater complexes.

Clutchy Avatar
3 Years ago

IL-2 Cliffs of Dover - Team Fusion overhaul mod. It has completely updated a 4 year old game and it's incredible.

Mount and Blade Warband - Gekokujo mod - feudal Japan environment is awesome.

Belimawr Avatar
3 Years ago

strangelove and similar mods for UT99, nothing will ever beat riding a nuclear device at people then trying to jump off before you are in the blast radius.

unwanted Avatar
3 Years ago

I don't have a favorite. I mostly like mods that let me add extra weapons/armor to the game. If they have them, of course.

For instance, in KotOR2, I equipped Kreia with a can lightsaber. In Fallout: NV, I'm walking around the wasteland in a Deadpool outfit. People on console like to ask, "why would you want to do that?" The answer is always, "Why not?"

nimrod123 Avatar
3 Years ago

Third age Mod for Medieval 2 total war (also Stainless Steel).

stiggins Avatar
3 Years ago

I loved the original Red Orchestra mods like Darkest Hour, Mare Nostrum and Carpathian Crosses. it had some great content.

The RO2 mod In Country Vietnam has gone stand alone the other day which would have been another great mod.

Apart from those I have also enjoyed Resistance and Liberation. These kinds of mods are as good as if not better than most expansion packs or DLC.

BraveToaster Avatar
3 Years ago

Brutal Doom. or maybe the AMK mod for STALKER

jon_hill987 Avatar
3 Years ago

I am sure I can think of loads, but right now I have been playing Skyrim and all I can say is Dragons of Legend and Dragon Combat Overhaul put together make those lizards to be truly feared, something sorely missing from the base game where they are no more scary than a Thalmor patrol.

Oh, and also one that makes it dark at night, I am using Pure Weather but I noticed there are many that do the same.

TsunamiWombat Avatar
3 Years ago

The Long War mod for X-Com: Enemy Within. Add's new classes, skills, technology, perks, aliens, weapons, ups difficulty, gives aliens random perks, new aliens...

Hard as balls though. Strongly suggest playing on NORMAL with CINEMATIC MODE enabled under 2nd wave.