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One of the best Doom mods ever is getting a standalone remake in UE5

Total Chaos, the massively impressive total conversion Doom 2 mod from the makers of Turbo Overkill, is being remastered in Unreal Engine 5.

One of the best Doom mods ever is getting a full remake in UE5: A creature with a skull face, from Total Chaos.

Back in 2018, a Doom 2 total conversion mod called Total Chaos came out and immediately became one of the most eye catching of the many, many great games to come from the classic shooter’s mod scene. Created by a designer working under the wonderful handle WadaHolic, Total Chaos features an ominous atmosphere and a hardscrabble combat system that emphasizes scavenging and crafting weapons in order to survive against vicious enemies. In the time since it launched, its maker has gone on to put out acclaimed throwback shooter Turbo Overkiller as Trigger Happy Interactive and, notably, been hard at work on a standalone Unreal Engine 5 version of Total Chaos.

Total Chaos‘ remastered, standalone version was first announced in 2022, but the horror game‘s maker has largely gone quiet since then. That changed recently, though, with the sudden appearance of a Steam page for Total Chaos that shows the project is still a going concern.

As in the Doom 2 mod, the remade Total Chaos takes place on a haunting abandoned mining island called Fort Oasis where players look to unravel the mystery behind a strange radio transmission. Over the course of nine chapters, the player explores Fort Oasis and their character’s backstory while encountering enemies that are fought using weapons crafted from old debris.

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Though there isn’t much new to see from the game for now, the history of the project means its remaster is well worth keeping an eye on. You can wishlist and check out more of Total Chaos on its Steam page right here.

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