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Free games: 1000 code giveaway for 7 days of premium account for Total War: Arena!

Total War: Arena

Move aside, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – we don’t want to play as a mere descendant of the legendary Spartan warrior Leonidas, we want to be the man himself. If you’re with us on that then you’ll want to check out Total War: Arena.

Leonidas isn’t the only legendary commander you get to play as in Arena either. There’s Julius Caesar, Hannibal, Alexander the Great, and a bunch of more across Greece, Rome, the Barbarians, and Carthage. If you’re a history geek (it’s alright, we are too) then you’ll certainly want to get in on this action – there are wardogs and elephants, y’know?

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And you can, right now actually – it’s quite easy. The reason being that Total War: Arena is free to download and play. But you should know this isn’t a traditional entry in the Total War series. This is a team-based strategy game with online players heading into fast-paced 10v10 battles, each controlling three units with hundreds of soldiers going at it.

Total War: Arena is currently in an open beta test so there is plenty more coming to the game yet. You’ll know this if you’re already playing it, but if you haven’t started yet then you should get cracking as soon as you can – there’s lots to learn.

To help you you, we’re giving away 1000 codes for Total War: Arena that will get your seven days of premium account and 500 gold that you can spend in the game how you wish – those armies don’t look after themselves.

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