Total War Arena teaser image hints at next round of closed alpha tests

Total War Arena Teaser

With the recent announcement of SEGA and Creative Assembly’s collaboration with Wargaming on Total War Arena, a teaser image has been released on the Total War Arena Facebook. The image itself shows a Roman soldier’s pauldron, with the numerals XXVI.XI.MMXVI.

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For any of you who aren’t up to scratch with your Roman numerals, the numbers read 27.11.2016, which is tomorrow’s date of 27 November 2016. This hints that something to do with Total War Arena will be happening tomorrow and based off the comments on the picture, it seems to be the next round of closed alpha tests for the game.

Glancing at the subreddit for Total War Arena, it is full of posts of fans rejoicing that they have got their alpha keys, confirming that the next phase of testing will start up tomorrow. A screenshot of the promotional email sent to lucky participants shows that the alpha will begin at 8am tomorrow, so expect a multitude of streams showing off the latest edition of Total War Arena, showing how the game has changed since Wargaming joined the fray.

The prevailing theory according to members of the Total War Arena subreddit, is that players who racked up over 200 battles in the previous alpha tests were eligible for this new closed alpha phase, based on the battle count displayed in their emails. With the partnership with Wargaming, Total War Arena is no longer playable through Steam and must be accessed via the Wargaming Game Center. All progress from the previous alphas has also been wiped, meaning generals have to start grinding XP from the very beginning.