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Total War Arena patch promises no more progress resets

Total War Arena spearmen

Creative Assembly is applying patch 11 to Total War Arena, and it comes with a big, bold announcement: NO ACCOUNT RESETS. The developer is adamant that from now on, any progress you make is yours to keep forever. The days of updates wiping account progress are over. You’ll never have to start again. 

The patch itself looks at lowering the system requirements of the game, with the team having made a big breakthrough in CPU lag. Units no longer take a long time to respond, and a lot more people with lower-spec systems should be able to play the game now. Dual Core machines have seen the biggest impact, and those running dual core systems are encouraged to give the game a try.

A bug that caused the launcher to freeze your computer for several minutes has also been fixed.

In-game, thanks to feedback from players, spear infantry has now been made stronger versus cavalry units. The change not only means spearmen are better against mounted foes, but ranged units are now able to scare off cavalry when twinned with spear units.

You can sign up to play Total War Arena right now. And you should, because Tim thinks it’s really quite good.