Wargaming and Creative Assembly forge an alliance to publish Total War: Arena

Total War Arena

Creative Assembly’s upcoming free-to-play game Total War: Arena will be published by F2P specialists Wargaming. The World of Tanks developers are branching out into third-party publishing, and Creative Assembly will be their first partners in the new venture. 

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The move sees the creation of Wargaming Alliance, a label that aims to bring Wargaming’s wealth of free-to-play experience and 100 million players to other developers.

For Creative Assembly and Total War publisher Sega, teaming up with Wargaming seems a very sensible idea. Arena is a 10-vs-10 competitive free-to-play game and, while we have no reason to worry about the quality the studio can produce, the fierce world of free-to-play is no easy environment to make a success in. If you’ve got no experience there whatsoever, who better to call on than the creator of one of the world’s most popular free games?

Wargaming Alliance

“SEGA is constantly exploring ways in which its diverse range of IP can be brought to a wider gaming audience,” said Jurgen Post, president and COO at Sega Europe. “This strategic partnership with Wargaming, to release Total War: ARENA as the first game on the Wargaming Alliance platform presents a unique opportunity for Creative Assembly’s eagerly anticipated creation to realise its full potential.”

“The free-to-play market is an exciting new opportunity for the franchise and in the last year we have seen great potential with Total War: ARENA” added Tim Heaton, studio director at Creative Assembly. “The partnership with Wargaming Alliance is a perfect match of proven strategy gaming brands.”

It’s been awhile since we heard from Creative Assembly about the game, with our last look at the Total War: Arena beta being last year. It impressed us then, and hopefully it’s continued to improve in the interim. And with this new alliance with Wargaming, it seems there’s a good chance that a big new free-to-play game is on the horizon.