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We’ve got 100 Total War: Arena premium unit and gold packs to give away

Total War: Arena

Blessed with the most buoyant and merry title in the ancient world, hoplites were presumably nothing of the sort, having been conditioned from the age of seven for a life on campaign and drilled ever since for disciplined combat. Just look at them standing there: separately animated as modern Total War soldiers are, and yet not a single smile among them. 

Their pain is your gain, however: we’ve got 100 fourth-tier units of Spartan’s highly-disciplined best ready to be pressed into your service in Total War: Arena, plus a bunch of in-game gold for good measure as the game enters closed beta in the US.

In Creative Assembly’s multiplayer-only reimagining of Total War, Spartan hoplites are powerful and fast melee units, intended for lightning-fast strikes and killer flanking attacks. They’re particularly devastating in combination with the Greek Commander Miltiades.

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Total War: Arena premium