Lord of the Rings: Rise of Mordor is a promising Total War: Attila full conversion mod

Total War: Attila Lord of the Rings

A group of Total War modders are creating a fully fleshed out Lord of the Rings mod for Creative Assembly’s Total War: Attila. After transferring their work from Rome 2, the team has decided to show off some early previews of their work so far, which involves original units, maps and a whole new campaign.

The last Lord of the Rings RTS I played was the fantastic Battle for Middle-earth II, which was a long, long time ago – so long that it’s almost impossible to find a copy of the game today. It was proper real time strategy fun, smothered with all the characters and charms of one of the most highly regarded fantasy series, ever.

This Lord of the Rings: Rise of Mordor looks like the next best thing to replace that itch, but it seems like a monumental task, just like some of the Elder Scrolls total conversion mods currently in development.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the mod, or even wanting to help work on it, click here for the projects forum page.