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Total War Pharaoh delayed into 2024, but only for certain players

Total War Pharaoh is delayed into early 2024 for players on the Epic Games Store, meaning PC players will have to buy the game on Steam to play it this year.

If you’re planning to play Total War Pharaoh this year, your options have just shrunk, as developer Creative Assembly confirms the strategy game is delayed into 2024 on the Epic Games Store. The team says the change has been made because more time is needed to integrate “additional social functions,” and notes that all pre-orders made via the Epic Games Store have been canceled.

Creative Assembly confirms that the Total War Pharaoh release date for other storefronts remains unchanged, meaning you won’t have to wait any longer to play the Ancient Egypt strategy game on PC if you buy the game via Steam. If you were hoping to pick up Total War Pharaoh on the Epic Games Store, however, you’ll have to wait a while longer.

“We have moved the Epic Games Store release of Total War Pharaoh into early 2024,” the developer confirms via the official Total War account on Twitter/X. “We were recently asked to help support the integration of additional social functions before we can launch on the Epic Games Store,” it explains, “and we’ll need additional time to help make that happen.”

Total War Pharaoh delay - Statement from Creative Assembly confirming that the Epic Games Store release of Pharaoh will be delayed into "early 2024."

“We apologize to all our fans whose plans are affected by this news,” Creative Assembly says, “Know that we’re disappointed too, and that we otherwise look forward to welcoming you into Ancient Egypt early next year.” The official Total War Pharaoh FAQ notes that Steam and Epic cross-play is still planned, although of course this will now have to wait for the game’s launch on the latter platform.

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